Socialism failed the test in one of America's Universities. A must read.

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  1. An economic professor from Texas never had to fail a whole class. But in one occasion he was forced to.

    Most students insisted that socialism could work, so he put them to the test. He proposed them that all test grades would be averaged and everyone would then get the same score (socialism equality). And this is what happens………

    First Exam

    The average score was a B, those A students who studied a lot were not happy, those C students who did not prepare very well were happy. And there were some arguments.

    Second Exam

    Average score a D. Those A students who studied hard in the first exam, knew it was pointless for them to study so much because they would not get an A in the first place. Those other C students also relaxed. There were fights!!!

    Third Exam

    Average score F. Everyone has been so unhappy for the previous scores, insults, resentments, blaming on each other. NO ONE WAS WILLING TO STUDY SO OTHERS WOULD BENEFIT.

    "This story I translated from Spanish to English. Sorry for misspellings."
  2. Awesome. I love socialism
  3. Made my day. I new it. :)

  4. Great story
  5. That's what will happen to the USSA. Hard working Americans will decide "why bother"... to go to law school, medical school, to become an architect or start a small business.... if the government is going to confiscate my success and give it to lay-abouts.
  6. It's an urban legend, but it's great nevertheless.
  7. In the classroom is one thing, the real world is another.

    Privatize the profits, socialize the losses. - capitalist axiom.

    Bernanke and Arthur Burns are classical examples of why academics should not be allowed into the real world. Colleges (or more specific, adult daycare centers) are nothing more than papermills whereby a student has to regurgitate material to prove he has a functioning brain. These churchlike institutions provide material and reasoning that will make anyone believe anything........
  8. That's not capitalism.. but rather corruption and abuse of authority by The Powers.

    "Two wrongs don't make a right"... Socialism is NOT the remedy.

    Bush, his cronies, and their policies were a huge pustule of disease and fetid stench of a problem, but Obama and his Liberal Left Socialists are NOT the solution.
  9. Well said. Not much incentive to be productive.
  10. What if the grade was irrelevant?
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