Socialism destroys Brittania

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  2. Yes it is in a state. Socialism is a large part of the problem but not the only one. Lack of regulation in banking is another and it may affect you too. Rehypothecation of an estimated $12 trillion plus has been allowed in the UK and if the SHTF it will take you down too.
  3. Socialism - Just what Keynes and the Fabians wanted all along.
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    "Lack of regulation in banking is another "
    it is not the lack of regulation but too big too fail doctrine that is the cause of financial blowups.
  5. Remember back in the day when Triumph Motorcycles and probably all British cars leaked oil? And the electrical stuff didn't work right off the showroom floor? Some investigative types [don't ask for a link, this is from memory] went to work on the question of why that was and did some serious digging and serious thinking.. the conclusion: Corruption! People in corporations were taking bribes and compromising quality!

    Maybe Socialism just amplifies corruption.. it is essentially theft of assets of one class. It usually goes hand in hand with atheism too... Lots of people are less corrupt because they believe in God. If socialism enables idleness than it definitely encourages corruption.
  6. Too bad. There are already too many people living on govt handouts and their brain has been re-programmed beyond salvation. The only way is to have a revolution and simply finish them off. Build a new society based on responsibility, frugality and common sense.
  7. Once again you got it right. Blame the powerless.:D
  8. Are they powerless if they can vote in people who ruin the country?
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    They're not powerless, they're simply the tool of a different ilk of thug.
    Watch Venezuela.
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