Socialism and sex change in SF California

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  1. As a San Francisco resident who pays truck load of tax
    money to the IRS and the state, now I am really pissed to
    see how far this country has been mired in socialism.
    It is always the public that serves the selfish needy
    individuals, rather than what JFK said "Ask not what your
    country can do for you, but what you can do for your

    So this city has decided to use public funds to pay for sex
    change operation of uninsured transgendered patients. What
    the fuck! And yes, I am spelling out the words: WHAT THE
    FUCK! Guess what, the reason was to alleviate the mental
    anguish and suffering of the transgendered people who feel
    they are trapped in the wrong bodies. By the same
    reasoning, soon there will be laws requiring public funding
    of breast augmentation and penile enlargement to "alleviate
    the mental anguish and suffering" of flat-chested women and
    little-dicked men. Now, you can no longer be a car
    collector because the government will, by legal force, take
    your money and double your inheritance tax to pay for Sissy's sex change operation; you can
    no longer contribute to your 401K because the government
    will, by legal force, double your property tax to pay for
    Betty's breast augmentation; and now you can no longer
    contribute to your children's 529 college saving plan
    because the government will, by legal force, double your sales tax to pay for Arnold's penile enlargement !!! This is
    exactly what Ron Paul said: "If you can't loot somebody
    yourself, you can send the government to loot for you."
    After the twin phallic figures of the Twin Towers were
    lopped off on 9/11, Americans just no longer have balls to
    stand up the the government and say: "Fnck you ! Enough is
    enough !"

    Now you can teach your children the New American Dream:
    Come to San Francisco and have a sex change for no cost and
    in the mean time enjoy yourself getting royally screwed in
    the ass !!! As California is a trend-setting state for the
    US, and the cultural revolutionary hot bed San Francisco is
    a trend-setting city for California, all Americans be
    warned: you are gonna get fncked !!
  2. 1) When "authoritarianism" increases, there are those who hate it but also those who willingly "submit" to it. If those who submit become a majority, then you have a real problem. :eek: :(:mad:
    2) Ideally, this "disease" can remain confined to California. :cool:
  3. This doesn't belong in economics
  4. Humpy


    Cali is one of the wackiest places on the planet and so it attracts the wacky rejects from more sober places.
    Better there than here imho :D

    Come the big earthquake and most of the world's crap will slide into the Pacific, instead of infecting other feeble minded yuks. Existing without Hollywood spewing their brand of sex and violence, would be a blessing indeed.
  5. Rest of america will never be like san fran. No other city has that many activist queers. This stupid rule will be overruled by the courts.

    Rest of america would never waste tax money on some confused queer on welfare.
  6. I hope you know, if we classify the actions of whack off political policies as a "disease" the treatment becomes eligble for gov't assistance.

    Truly a vicious cycle, but then, with our current energy policy, any cycle, (bi, tri, or uni) that doesn't require "oil" is green and good.:cool:
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    It is high time decent sensible people took over. Not the useless and incompetent, controlled by the lunatic fringe.

    As for economics - throw Lord keynes' crap out too. The politicians have already spent the recovery money and let industry flourish elsewhere.
  8. +1-SF has allot of stupid laws. It is unique even in Cali.

  9. Some of those policies may look better with "D-cups" instead of "B-cups". :cool:
  10. New California Dreaming, whooohoooo ! I want the public to provide me free porn to alleviate my mental anguish and pain due to not being able to sleep with Cindy Crawford! Free sex change ! Free sex change ! Free sex change ! Legalized pot ! Free boob job ! Free penile enlargement ! Free porn ! Whooooooooohooooooooo !!!
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