Social Safety Net for those under 23 - nothing after - including for the elderyly

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  1. Give everyone an equal chance in this world till the age 23. After that, fuck em and let em starve to death, resort to family or the church if they can't support themselves in this world.

    ***Disclaimer*** Not serious post. Just want to get discussion started.
  2. By the age of 23, kids credit is usually ruined and they are in debt. Top reason, cell phone bills, next up is student loan, probably then Credit Cards, charging pizza, chips, boxers, maybe a toothbrush.

    If they had a car or a liscense usually they totaled the car or lost their liscense with DWI tickets by the age 23. Most kids by the age of 23 are paying child support if your a guy or have two plus kids if you're a girl.

    They are fat, angry and broke, but have plenty of tatoo's and std's, oh yeah almost forgot, plenty of self esteem.
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    Where do you come up with these stupid ideas? Do you and your other 8th grader friends just sit around after school and wonder what would make YOUR lives easier?
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    No such thing