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    if u could do the math how much do u think needy people were granted in social programs in 5 yrs versus what the banks got in one pen stroke in 5 months...think about it...what would u rather do with ur tax dollars? help the needy or subsidize the rich???
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    Do they trade futures contracts or ETF's on this?
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    Neither one........I'd rather keep it myself. Stosh
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    Well, the banks got a loan they need to pay back with interest. Many of them are trying to pay it back now.

    I haven't heard of anyone paying back their Medicare bills or even wanting to. Subsidized housing, nope, haven't heard of anyone volunteering extra rent. Government paid abortions, nope not there either.

    Maybe someone can point out a welfare program where the recipient started making money and offered to repay us taxpayers.

    Of course, the government does give billions to GM so the unions can keep their corporate welfare.