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  1. typical FB: "I took a dump today"

    Typical news media "The market did this, the market did that." Translates to "I took a dump today."

    Politicaian: "I didn't take a dump today." But the pile of shit is clearly on the floor for everyone to see" We know they're lying.

    Academics: "Studies show...." Translates into - "I took a dump today."

    Warren Buffett. "Did you get the memo?"

    More people talking, nobody says anything.
  2. maxpi


    Television homogenized the culture, maybe social networking will take us in the other direction...
  3. Did a former high school "flame" of yours ignore your FriendRequest? :confused: :(
  4. Yes. (sigh) even after I told her "I'm a gas heating engineer".
  5. You should have said you're a natural gas trader. :cool:
  6. Social networking can help you get laid, so it's worth all the BS. Just ignore the stupid "I ate cornflakes for breakfast" posts and work your game on hot wenches.
  7. How do you think people get rich, work ...HA!