Social networking growth up 93% since 2006

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  1. There is no recession with social networking. Young, connected p
    eople are paying for internet access, while embracing web 2.0 technologies despite the constant negativity by the media. Facebook users can give eachother digital 'gifts', resulting in millions of dollars a year in revneue for facebook. The integration of Iphone with mobile payment systems ensures that consumers can consume anywhere on the go.

    I don't know what the media keeps dwelling on the bad when there is so much good news such as this story.
  2. anyone know of companies that are heavily invested in this type of technology (social networking) as their main source of income, would love to short it at some point?
  3. LOL, millions a year in digital gifts, thats going to solve everything :D

    Thanks for the great chuckle buddy. If you ever transition to stand up comedy, please let me know. I will definitely pay for admission to see your act.
  4. Who cares? The growth is meaningless if it isn't generating revenue.
  5. seriously this has to be a great bubble to pop.
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    Social networking will drop as quick as it skyrocketed. Anyone throwing any money into social networking at this point is just going to lose, look at MSFT and there stake in face book, man is that not worth anything near what they invested in it.

    MSFT invested $240 Million into facebook for a 1.6% stake, at the time facebook was worth a fake $15 Billion.

    Anyway, facebook isnt worth anything over $500 Million, so that means MSFT stake is only worth around $8 Million.

    facebook should have sold themselves about 12- 24 months ago, they could have easily had some fool drop $1-$5 Billion into them, now they are lucky to walk away with $500 Million or more. See what happens when you are greedy....

    :p :p :p :p :p
  7. If you stomp your feet on the ground and cry loud enough maybe the media will listen to you. Until then, welcome to the worst recession since the Great Depression. Wake up clown. Millions are losing their jobs. People are shutting down their spending. Those that aren't continue to run up their addiction to debt. Social networking sites will not be spared the contraction of the consumer.
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    Seems like every 20-something thinks they can be a full time blogger. Can't wait for their return to the cubicle once the bubble pops.
  9. online media ad revenues projected down 10-20% this year for bloggers et. al.

    and with the newly unemployed, think of how many folks have time on their hands to try this.

  10. What's worse is these kids claim to be experts and give advice on everything, yet truly know nothing.

    Sheeple are easily herded up I suppose...
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