Social Influences of Being A Trader

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Li Ka Shing, Dec 25, 2005.

  1. Hi,

    I don't know about u all, but I believe when we take up a career seriously and wholeheartedly, I think there's an element of social judgement that you have to contend with sooner or later. To give an example, a doctor might have a positive social judgement/ feedback from people around him. And, a debt collector might have more negative social feedback. Now I don't know whether this is included in Maslow theory, but I believe everybody likes to feel good or rather feel that people respect his chosen career. And consequently, I believe you will perform in your more optimum level if you feel that socially what you are doing is considered meaningful or respected/ have more social positive values.

    As such.......what do you perceive as the social perception of you being a trader? Whether it's full time/ part-time, you think it has any effects on you and your performance/ concentration? A bit, or a lot, or maybe even none at all? Let's share.......
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    Well sure Ling Ping King. But bottom line: do what you have to do.

    Give and do whatever it takes to know your market. Make a killing; accumulate a fortune. Then play Mr Big and donate to and help your dumb community. Everyone just loves a winner.

    Merry Christmas.
  3. Stop being idealistic and start being pragmatic and all the ghosts will vanish.

    Trading is a tool to acquire money. Do you have problems with having more money?
  4. Honestly, who cares what anyone else thinks. Do you live to please others? If you do, then you should concern yourself. But for me, I do what I do b/c I love the challenge and know the potential to make a fortune is at my finger tips.
    What other people think is so far from important to me that I dont understand why others bring this topic up so much on ET. If some traders spent half as much time working on being a better trader as they do worrying about how others perceive them, they'd be making a lot more $$.

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    Relation between performance and social recognition is in your head. Relation between well being and social recognition, however, is another business. Money can't buy respect, admiration, or true friends. That is, if you discern those from hypocrisy, envy and suckers, respectively.
  6. money can't buy respect?

    Clearly we live in different worlds where bloomberg is mayor.

    Money talks bullshit walks.

    Has been like this for the past 3000 years.

    Social influences hahahaha.

    Social influences only comes up when you are making $100 a day just like every other MTA subway sweeper worker.

    Then everybody will ask you "Why are you trading?, Go to college, Get a real job, like the MTA, great health benefits and a pension"

    If you were pulling in real money ($1+/$5k/$10k a day), There would be no questions.

    Nobody cares what you do, hits, drugs, booze, hookers, trading
    until you start making mininum wage level.
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    Not necessary. I just went through his "The treacherous path to $200k a year" journal. Very funny. Now I know what he meant by "bullshit walks".
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