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  1. For the full time retail traders and those that trade at home, how do you deal with the trading alone aspect of it? Sitting at your desk trading away (making money hopefully) but not meeting new people or making new friends as much as you would in a work environment. Most of my closest friends now are people I met from my past jobs.

    I've been trading full time for over a year now and am pretty happy with the result but what gets to me sometimes is that I don't have a cubicle or an office that I can walk to and start chit chatting away. When I had a day job, I would regularly do this to relieve some stress and just to stay away from work.

    Maybe I'm still programmed for the 8-5 job.

    BUT, I sure love not having a boss and having the ability to leave the office anytime I want or not trade if I don't feel like it.
  2. Trading from home is great. No people who might disturb you with their behavior of a 3 year old child, no harassment, no sexual harassment too (so less chances to become depressed).
    May it rain, may it snow, it doesn't matter for you.

    Isn't life great? :D
  3. well considering everyone i know bitches about their coworkers when not working, i'm glad i trade from home :)
  4. This is like complaining about having too much money. You look for problems where there ain't none. A lot of people would break their necks if they could work from home and make a living, having no boss, no rules tossed at you by someone you hate, no need to deal with annoying coworkers, no incompetent managers above you, no uncaring soulless corporation for which you sell your life, etc. etc.
    But then again, the more you have, the even more you want.
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    Unless you have a three year old, a wife or both. :D
  6. It's a double edge sword. Once in awhile get dressed and drive in am rush hour traffic on a rainy morning and be sure to drive to nowhere just like the "old job" a trip to nowhere. This cures the urge of being mainstream. As far as meeting people, join a gym or night school, etc to interact with people. As far as relieving stress during the day, I do what everyone else does, read a forum or post.
  7. "For the full time retail traders and those that trade at home, how do you deal with the trading alone aspect of it?"

    Actually, the evening shift door greeter at Wall Mart had this same problem. Handed me a smiley face button and said the FIG IPO is a chance for the little man to get a piece of a hedge fund. He missed being out in the world, having people talk to him, now no one talks to him. He's a broken man with no friends.:D
  8. Being home all day is great! Do what you want, when you want, what could be better?

    As far as social interactions, I got 4 kids, 2 go back to school here shortly, they keep the noise level pretty high around here. Thats why my office is separate from the rest of the house, to keep me sane.

    The sexual harassment is an issue because the wife chases me around the house for sex all the time. Oh wait, thats me chasing her. nevermind.

    Theres plenty of social interaction outside the house. I hit the gym every morning. Know most of the adults in the community because my kids are on a few teams. This town has lots of activities, so there is always time to meet new people.

    The reason meeting people this way is much better than at work is because if I do not like someone, i don't have to talk to them or interact with them at all. If they worked at the same office as I did then I would still have to deal with them.

    Oh yeah, the only office politics around here are based on the golden rule. And I make the gold, so I make the rules.
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    I agree with what the others have written.

    If I was trading from home full time. I would make sure I took time out to do more outside activities. ie think about all the wasted time you do with a normal 9-5 job ...
    lunch breaks
    idle chatter
    boss and co worker problems
    doing menial tasks

    take all the away and do some constructive things outside the house. ie join a gym go to the library, join some clubs etc etc

  10. Speaking for myself, why the hell would I want to have to drive to the office, and go sit in a cubicle all day and try to be friendly with people who I really don't give a rats ass about, and chit-chat about bullshit. Nothanks I already have the friends I need.

    Besides, get to sleep in till 9am and then wake up, make the 30 second commute to my computer and start working, ain't like great.
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