Soccer Players in Spain Call for Strike in First Two Games of Club Season

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  1. Players in Spanish soccer’s top two divisions called for a strike for the season’s first two games, the player’s association said today on its website.

    The association, known as AFE, and the professional league failed to reach an agreement on collective bargaining, according to AFE Chairman Luis Rubiales. Juanjo Montaner, a spokesman for AFE, declined to comment when contacted by phone today.

    “The professional soccer league doesn’t understand the call for strike,” the club’s association for the two divisions said in a press release on its website today. The goal is “to advance in the negotiation and reach an accord as soon as possible.”

    A spokesman for the professional league wasn’t immediately available for comment when contacted by phone today.

    That´s worse than the Spanish government being insolvent. I am pi--ed, too. The season starting without the stars? Ay, ay, ay.