Soccer is the most embarassing sport ever, even the reffs fake injury..

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  1. Max E.

    Max E.

    Who could watch a sport like this?

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  2. Max E.

    Max E.

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  3. Lucrum


    That's easy for me to answer, but then I don't watch or follow any sports. :)
  4. Seriously, as opposed to what? I guess you never saw football players fake injuries? ROFL Do you call golf a sport because they don't fake injuries? Next to bowling they maybe the biggest bunch of fat asses playing a supposed sport. I love football, but I'm not delusional about the crap that goes on, or the rules they have come up with to protect the "stars" and make the game higher scoring. Pro basketball, hell I can go out and run up the court without dribbling too, and take enough shots to eventually lead the league in scoring despite amking only a few of my actual shots. The examples go on. Hey if you don't like it no problem, but to claim it's not a sport is just stupid.
  5. Max E.

    Max E.

    I didnt claim it wasnt a sport, i merely pointed out the fact that it is a complete and utter embarassment compared to other sports. Feel free to post examples of other sports where players put on anywhere near the charade that these pussies in soccer put on. When even the reff's are faking injury you know that there is a serious problem with a sport.

    Whoever runs the soccer world should put an end to this, they could easily fine and penalize players for diving.. In Hockey they hand out penalties to players who are caught diving, and they even fine players for it. In football 2 weeks ago there was a couple guys from the Giants who faked injury to slow down a drive, and Goodell sent out a letter that weekend, saying that players who faked injury would be fined. Both football and Hockey are also full contact sports, and you rarely see this shit. In soccer the coaches actually teach the players how to do this shit. If soccer wants any credibility they have to eliminate this garbage from their game.

    Let me know the next time you see a golfer flailing out on the ground like hes having a seizure because his opponent accidentally bumped into him.

  6. I guess you missed the video of the 2 football players, I think it was the Giants, falling down and rolling around on the ground the other week. They were acting like they were just shot, only problem the play was over and they were getting into to huddle. There purpose was to get a timeout, but they flailed around like pansies, and were faking. I've seen football players act like they were murdered on a play to get a flag thrown. I don't go for it, but that's an unfortunate abuse of the rules. Basketball players all the time pull out the over dramatic crap trying to get fouls. Basketball is way down my list of sprts to watch because they are such a bunch whiners and drama queens. I'm sure the other sports have the same thing.
  7. Max E.

    Max E.

    Actually i mentioned the 2 giants players in my previous post. Please re-read. Goodell instantly sent out a letter saying that kind of conduct will not be tolerated and players will be fined. When guys call for flags in football or penalties in basketball, or hockey you dont see them go to the ground and start rolling around like someone just shanked them, all they do is look to the reff, and ask him for a penalty/foul.

    I cant even believe you would try to argue that a guy asking the reff for a penalty in any other sport, somehow compares to the theatrics you see from those women who play soccer, when they barely get nicked. The coaches in soccer actually teach their players to dive like this, its an embarassment to every other sport.

  8. oddsman


    So that's where Manu Ginobili and 99% of the other European NBA players learned how to flop.
  9. r-in


    Mybe it's just a case of Americans being smarter and not needing to be taught to do the drama queen crap, but I also agree that basketqueenball must teach the same thing. I see these queer b-ball players doing it all the time. I dropped my season tickets 5 years ago as I had enough of pro basketball. I see football pulling it too, not as obvious or as often, but it does happen and no question it is coached.
    Europeans are drama queens, but so are we, just not as obvious. ROFL
  10. oddsman


    European basketball players brought over sound fundamentals. Unfortunately flopping is a fundamental for them. I can see their drills now: Pass, shoot, flop, pass, shoot, flop, pass shoot, flop.

    An NFL player might fake an injury to stop the clock or slow down the no huddle offense. The difference is the NFL said they'll put an end to it because that shit is lame. They changed the rules a few years ago so now it costs a team a timeout if a player is injured, real or fake, at a convenient time late in the game. Something similar will happen with these no huddle muscle pulls. If not (and this is probably the biggest difference between soccer and football) the fans will call them out on it until they do.
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