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  1. what are the major differences between living in nice Orange County areas vs living in a North San Diego county area (solana beach/del mar)????
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  2. See? There's your prob. =)
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  3. Are there a lot of Wall St type finance jobs in SoCal? I thought the whole place revolves around the entertainment biz.
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  4. Hope you can afford it.
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  5. :confused:
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  6. LA is a massive city/ economy. All kinds of jobs. It is not a financial capital by any means, but there are still a fair amount of such jobs there, although SF would be a better bet if that is specifically what you want to do.

    I believe the greater LA area probably has whatever you are looking for. You may not want to sign a long term lease anywhere until you figure out where you are working though, and then move some place close.

    Many people suggest SM because it is close to the airport and downtown, but is also a cool beach community.

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