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    It was between so florida and socal and from advice from et and from friends i think socal is going to be the place to move to once i graduate. I hate michigan weather each season change i get sick. No humidity out west like there is here.

    Where is the best location in socal for a young college econ grad to find work and meet people?
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    Orange County maybe. There is lots of money sloshing around there and several universities in and nearby, close to Los Angeles. Good location to live too, near the beach.
  3. Well, I would say Santa Barbara but you won't find a job very easily here.

    Santa Monica is a great town, got a huge recently graduated population and you can still find affordable housing/work there.

  4. SoCal is way too big. You can easily spend 2 hours commuting each way. Plus I don't like living under the constant threat of a bad earthquake, frequent power outage, wild fires, etc. My 2 cents...
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    Michigan has fresh water and thats about it. Factor in the ridiculous temperate changes. Hot summers ice cold winters, humidity, occasional tornado, power outages. Just missing the earthquakes and fires.
    I guess its pick your poison but for me i really am a healthier person in the dry heat with minimal season change. In cali at least there is a lot more things to do to stay stimulated. In michigan we have pretty much nothing to do, cold lakes, and gross beaches.

    I just need to get a job, 4year econ degree i figure i'll move out there first, i'm bound to find something decent.
    Not to mention socal has much better female scenery.
  6. Where are you going to school now? Umich?
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    Michigan State
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    Agreed, no jobs in Santa Barbara and the payscales reflect that fact. Santa Monica and Westwood are great really. I might rethink this and change my reco to Santa Monica, closer to LA for work too. I love to visit my daughter in Westwood and hit the college student restaurants like Chili's or whatever, it is just refreshing. I had a dream the other night that I had taken a laptop for trading and moved to Westwood and was hanging out with the homeless folks. Some of them really have personality. I guess I was wishing for change from this "Office Space" work situ.

    Who do people with Econ degrees work for anyhow? Banks, governments, what?
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    Usually banks or gov's, a lot go onto grad school. My degree is only a tool to get a decent paying job and try to trade my way to wealth. Thats the plan anyway.
  10. Santa Monica or any of the beach towns close to it, assuming you are going to work finance type stuff in LA.

    Orange county much nicer, but a hell commute if you work in LA.
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