Soaring Shipping Gauge Doesn’t Spell Growth Boom

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  2. Very recently, DAT services has shown a substantial increase in US Spot market loads for trucking over the past week (up 35%) and the year (up 50%). Due to Independence Day and possible differences in auto manufacturer retooling periods, these statistics may not be directly comparable. In addition, Landstar online as shown available loads move from the mid 25,000 level to the mid 35,000 area. Usually freight for dry van and flatbed sees a drop over this time period due to auto and truck manufacturer model year changeover. The various trucking freight availability indexes have been more volatile and harder to predict than in the past, making it harder to confidently act on or draw conclusions in index changes.
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  3. My next door neighbor here in the greater Los Angeles area, owns a trucking and freight hauling business. We were just talking about how he has had a worrisome drop off in business. He says if it gets worse, it could be a problem. I've also noticed that there doesn't seem to be as many container ships coming into the port of Long Beach.
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    Be careful you might become the subject of an SEC insider trading investigation. Then again maybe the SEC learned its lesson or, being a government agency, maybe not. :);)
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  5. Spoke to my neighbor again last night, and if anything, the slowdown continues in his business. He relayed to me that building products have basically taken a nose dive, and that his business with home builders has dried up.