Soaking the Rich?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by gnome, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. From RR's newsletter...

    " the best you can, and pray that Obama doesn't decide to "soak the rich."... Obama's still talking about "soaking the rich, only Barack doesn't use the word "soaking," he calls it "giving your fair share to your country." But the rich are already giving their "fair share," in that the top 3% pay most of the income tax in America...."
  2. My blood boils everytime I hear this con man's name. We need a lot more than praying to stop this character.

    We need to revolt against the government...who's in? LOL
  3. Will you personally lead the way? :cool:
  4. I will lead the moving right out of this country.
  5. Mvic


    well unless it is to never return and never deal with a US financial insitution again what's the point. The US taxes your worldwide income for 10 years after you have left the US. Not a problem if you never plan on coming back or dealing with a US financial insitution but otherwise...
  6. That's what's meant by "leaving"... pulling a Jimmy Rogers.
  7. More from RR...

    "... Actually, despite Obama's plans for soaking the rich... [he] has gathered a smart bunch of economists around him. They told Barack that raising the tax bracket of the so-called "Rich" is a downright stupid idea during a severe recession. If you put the rich out of business, then who the hell is going to pay the taxes -- the poverty-stricken? Obama still has a lot to learn about economics and capitalism. Destroying the rich never works, nor does the "Robin Hood act," you know taking it from the rich and doling it out to the poor (even though the poor have most of the votes)...."
  8. Wouldn't it be "safer" to pull a "Marc Rich"? :cool:
  9. TGregg


    Not for another 3 or 4 years. :)
  10. Thats whats great about being rich. You can move out of the country, stop paying taxes to the U.S. and worst case scenario, if you ever DO want to go back, you just pay your back taxes.
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