So you wanna be a doctor...

Discussion in 'Politics' started by LongShot, Jan 11, 2003.

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    verrry interesting......guess I would make a good doctor.
  2. wanna play doctor with me cathy:D
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    OK.....what are your symptoms?
  4. gee ... my symptoms ..let's see ...


    excessive libido, preoccupation of those that i can't have (mostly), constant fantasizing, uncontrollable urges ...

    need i go on?

    OK Doctor Cathy, what's my diagnosis? :D

    ps let's see if you get it right
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    I suggest a face lift, tummy tuck and maybe some hair removal on your back.
    Some nice threads, a fast and expensive car and maybe a Rolex.
    Wear 100 dollar bills in your suit pocket instead of a hanky.

    This should help that nasty overactive libido problem.
    Gold diggers throw around a lot of free nookie. And they might help with those fantasies:D
  6. Doc Cathy, thanks for your response but as the Resident Doc in charge of rounds this month I must give you a "D" because you missed the obvious and most likely diagnosis...

    that being ....

    I am a MAN.

    never, NEVER overlook the obvious and simplest explanation that encompasses all the symptomatology.

    ps on second thought perhaps i was a bit harsh on you. i will raise you grade to a "C" for the simple reason you have provided a possible effective "treatment" for my little problem and even though you never offered a concise diagnosis you did imply one. :D

    now if you are willing to do a little extra credit work just b/w you & me perhaps i could do even better than a "C". you know, kinda help me with my treatment. are you game?

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    Hmmm....that is not correct. Women have that kind of problem too and I would recommend a similar treatment regimen.

    Hope fully their hair is not on their backs.