So you think its not as bad as the great depression?

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  1. Some of you have said that this recession is not as bad as the great depression because you dont have people standing in for soup like back then.


    Well here is your wake up call. (you have to go to past the first 55 seconds until he shows you the long line.) But this just shows you that its not only as bad, but its worse. 1400 people standing in line waiting for food.

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    Should have saved some money for a rainy day rather than live paycheque to paycheque and buy the latest toys with the extra cash.

    At least that applies to 98% or so of the population.
    P.S. The line in the video contains much fatter people that the Depression lines too ;)
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    And I can show you a video of Bigfoot! :D
  4. it will get worse.
  5. Stosh

    Stosh shows the inevitable result of decades of naive do-gooders using government to try to achieve their utopia........ and killing the goose that lays the golden eggs in the the once golden state. Sad.....and completely preventable. Stosh
  6. Wow...i didnt even notice but you are right. Those people are pretty fat. Only in america can you be poor AND fat i guess.

    But yeah...people live paycheck to paycheck and they never seem to worry which i dont know how they do it. Even when they have jobs, they seem to feel like its going to last forever. I worry constantly that my income is going to go down, or go away so I am always saving. I wont buy a car unless i can pay cash, but these guys seem to think nothing of buying now and paying later with interest. I think its just the way the media has brought people up to think. Thats why when so many people lose their jobs, they cry or think its the end of the world. People should make a plan for if they lose their income or even if it just gets cut, so they wont be in this type of situation.

    Most people have no idea that they could live on $150 dollars of food per month and still have their bellies full, if they just shop smart and shop cheap. I imagine most of those people probably dont know how to live on under $500 per month of food.
  7. I can spend under 150 bucks a night at Nobu!
    Seriously, I can make amazing and fresh and nutricious meals for 4 bucks a head.
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    Funny thing is that they've all driven in the nice new cars to pick up food hand outs. They should have a rule, if you drove here, go sell your car and buy your own damn food.
  9. and yet there are so many nice cars in the carpark.....doesn't make sense
  10. One in Eight Americans used Food Banks Last Year - This doesnt prove that they were hungry, only cheap.
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