So, you think Conservatives are racists do ya?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Maverick74, Feb 14, 2011.

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    Interesting video here of a white racist confronting a group of young conservatives at CPAC.
  2. Although there are Conservatives(as in any party) who are racist, the Republican party is not really a racist bunch of people.

    Generally speaking, America is far less racist than Europeans are. Just look no extremist party really has a national presence in America, whereas in the UK, BNP is quite huge, in France, Le Pen was the major contender for the presidential election, they have national prominence over there.
  3. Pedigree is for showdogs. Good show conservatives.:D
  4. CPAC ain't the problem.

    This thread is what's known as hand-waving. Classic example, actually.
    On the web (elsewhere than this place) and IRL, I get along fine with conservatives. You wouldn't know it from what I post on here *, but I agree with a large part of conservative stuff. But what you have here are a bunch of immature cranky old white men with no friends, apparently, who aren't also immature cranky old white men. Or at least that's the part they play on this board, apparently because they think it's cool.
    If they think it's cool, it's for a reason.
    Actually, largely it's because the mods let all kinds of crap that would get people banned elsewhere go by, and that allows a culture that, among other things, has complete contempt for actual facts. So, after a while, folks who take the art of investing and trading seriously aren't going to hang out here except on the few serious forums, the Options forum, the Journals forum, the tech-related stuff, and some threads on some of the other ones.
    It took me a while, but I finally figured out Economics is just P&R stuff that for some reason is allowed up there, so I don't take that forum seriously anymore either. It's rare to see actual serious discussion of real economics in that forum.
    This place could be a lot better, but it needs moderators who know to delete and ban the trash.

    *Except my early stuff, before I figured out what I was dealing with on this board; Nazi apologist Pa(b)st Prime got all hot & bothered 'cause he said, as I recall "at first I thought you were one of the intelligent ones". Which I am, when I know I'm dealing with decent people. Very few decent people are on this board.
  5. Lincoln was republican.
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    What was the point to this post? A little off topic no? And on a side note...Pabst Prime a Nazi apologist? Really? Come on...pot meet kettle.
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    You sure have a powerful hatred towards white people. Is it self-loathing or are you ethnically diverse?
  8. True conservatives have an agenda that they believe is good for the nation. It draws racists because "states rights" is a catch phrase for a certain type of ideology. Libertarians have the same issue. Both groups should probably amend states right to say "states rights that do not interfere with the federal mandate of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
  9. When a conservative sees a black man dressed like a rapper, does the first thought generally follow the lines of racism, or not?

    Racism is not illegal, meaning that it is not illegal to hate some or all blacks because they are black. Practicising discrimination on the basis of race, is racism, and that is illegal.

    Do conservatives practice racism in their hiring practices?

    That's a better question...
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    I think the better question is does anyone practice racism in their hiring practices?
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