So you really believe people should only get what they worked for themselves?

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  1. Then all boarders globally should be opened and inheritance should be abolished.

    Being born out of ballsack X isn't a personal accomplishment that should provide one with privileges your entire life. It was just a random act of luck or bad luck.

    Capitalism is supposed to be the free trade of goods across boarders. Why not people too?

    Having wealth passed on to you through inheritance is the same story.

    It creates an entire micro society of spoiled brats who act like kings of the world while having achieved nothing themselves stopping people with equal or better quality to get their piece of the pie.

    But, as I am sure most Ayn Rand followers will disagree here and give their own meaning to the term meritocracy. :)
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    A lot of the so-called meritocracy are the sort of people that have ruined the world's economies. They force their way to the top often by dubious means. If it was just by talent I wouldn't object but if you live in the real world, talent is usually not enough. Brown nosing, political pressure etc. play a major part of success. How else would Georgw W. etc have got anywhere near the top.
    Honesty and integrity seem in short supply around world financial centres. Hollywood's great influence is generally such crap as - greed is good or I can kill you so hand over or else. It does permeate through to people. But then honesty is not much of a storyline, I suppose and well boring.
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    Tsing Tao

    What I believe is that I have no right to tell you how you should live or what you should get, so long as I am not harmed. And vice versa.
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    Most people use their extra skills to help themselves to a bigger pay package. Graduates of Harvard for instance deem themselves to be superior to the rest.
    Life soon sorts out some of these self proclaimed superior people though.
  5. But you are confusing two wholly different issues here. One is clearly of temporal domain, the other is of spiritual domain. The government or society neither has the authority nor indeed the power to determine who is born to whom, the time you are going to be born, the place and time of your death. All it can do is ensure that the proper incentivization cycle is in place so that those who were born in not so fortunate circumstances can through their own diligence and ingenuity achieve a better life for themselves. In Europe, this cycle has been destroyed, which is why self made millionaires or billionaires as compared to the USA is minimal. Just look at the richest people in the USA, Gates, Zuckerberg, Dell, Jobs, Buffet they are all self made as opposed to European inherited property and wealth.

    Whether a fortuitous birth is a random case of luck is a spiritual question and not the concern of governments. In fact if you believe that good begets good and evil begets evil and you subscribe to buddhist/hindu philosophy, they will tell you luck has nothing to do with it but karma, past lives and other conditions do.

    Your wealth is your own, if you earned it, you can do whatever you want with it, including leaving it to your sons and daughters. For the government to come in and dictate otherwise is simply legalized theft.
  6. Great post.
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    All of the USA are immigrants except "The native Americans ". Perhaps they should reclaim the land that was their's ?

    Now that there is or was a wealthy middle class they try to pull up the drawbridge and stop more immigrants enterring.

    Manhatten cost some beads and a couple of blankets !

    :D :p
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    You got it wrong for the inheritance. It is the parents who WANTS to give the money to their children. Since it is their money, they are free to do whatever they want right? Trust fund baby X just got lucky. It is no different than a lotto winner.