So, you like War do you?

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  1. Everyone needs to read this. Wait until these guys join your local police force!!

    EVERY war is based upon a lie. No-one kills someone who they believe is equal to them. They must be brainwashed, de-humanized themselves, and programed.

    If you still believe the West spreads "democracy and liberty" you must be severly mentally ill.


    One sergeant shot a boy riding a bicycle down the street for no reason, John Needham said. When Needham and another soldier rushed to deliver first aid, the sergeant said, “No, let him bleed out.”

    Another sergeant shot a man in the head without cause while questioning him, Needham said, then mutilated the body, lashed it to the hood of his Humvee and drove around the neighborhood blaring warnings to insurgents in Arabic that “they would be next.”

    Other Iraqis were shot for invented reasons, then mutilated, Needham said.

    The sergeants particularly liked removing victims’ brains, Needham said.

    Needham offered a photograph of a soldier removing brains from an Iraqi on the hood of a Humvee and other photos as evidence. His father supplied copies to The Gazette.

    The Army’s criminal investigation division interviewed several soldiers from the unit and said it was “unable to substantiate any of his allegations.”

    “Those guys were seriously whacked,” Needham’s father said. “And it began to grate on him

    Marquez's 3,500-soldier unit — now called the 4th Infantry Division’s 4th Brigade Combat Team — fought in some of the bloodiest places in Iraq, taking the most casualties of any Fort Carson unit by far.

    Back home, 10 of its infantrymen have been arrested and accused of murder, attempted murder or manslaughter since 2006. Others have committed suicide, or tried to.

    Almost all those soldiers were kids, too young to buy a beer, when they volunteered for one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Almost none had serious criminal backgrounds. Many were awarded medals for good conduct.

    But in the vicious confusion of battle in Iraq and with no clear enemy, many said training went out the window. Slaughter became a part of life. Soldiers in body armor went back for round after round of battle that would have killed warriors a generation ago. Discipline deteriorated. Soldiers say the torture and killing of Iraqi civilians lurked in the ranks. And when these soldiers came home to Colorado Springs suffering the emotional wounds of combat, soldiers say, some were ignored, some were neglected, some were thrown away and some were punished.
  2. But..but...but at least we do not behead people, I mean we're not a death cult are we??

    We spread glory, freedom, and liberation around the world!! We love and respect darkskinned people and only wish to help them.

    That's the mission, right?? Operation Iraqi Freedom?
    These guy must kill overseas or "the unthinkable" would occur, right?

    Keep kidding yourself..


    Eastridge went on one more mission.

    He was the gunner manning the M240 machine gun on a Humvee — a big gun that shoots 600 rounds per minute. He said he was ordered to guard the street while the rest of his platoon searched a house.

    Eastridge said he told his lieutenant he was going to kill people as soon as the officer was out of sight. Then he asked the driver to put some heavy-metal “killin’ music on.”

    His lieutenant laughed and walked off, Eastridge said.

    Families were out playing soccer and barbecuing. Eastridge said he just started shooting. He pumped a long burst of rounds into a big palm tree where a few old men had gathered in the shade.

    People started running. They piled into their cars and sped away. There was a no-driving rule in effect in the neighborhood, so, Eastridge said, he put his cross hairs on every car that moved.

    “All I could think of was car bombs, car bombs, car bombs, and I just kept shooting,” he said.

    Orders came over the radio to cease fire, he said, but he kept yelling, “Negative! Negative!”

    Eastridge said he shot more than 1,700 rounds. When asked how many people he killed, he said, “Not that many. Maybe a dozen.”

    He was court-martialed a short time later on nine counts, including drug possession and disobeying orders. Killing civilians wasn’t one of them.

    For that, he said, he was put on guard duty.
  3. This is good that you posted this. Perhaps one day you'll pick up a history book of previous wars and tell us what's new. No one country has a monopoly on atrocities.
  4. All these kids coming back all f**ked up from Iraq were brainwashed by the neocons.

    They thought they were fighting some righteous cause.

    It isn't the case.

    The victims of the Iraq War were innocent Iraqi civilians, American Soldiers just trying to do their jobs, the American Taxpayer, Truth and Justice, and yes, even the minority of bad apples in the U.S. military who participated in sick and depraved acts - they'll have their own demons to torture their souls for the rest of their lives.

    Afghanistan is the case of a just war with a moral impetus, as was WWII.

    Iraq and Vietnam were travesties foisted upon the American People and world by the military-industrial complex; a bunch of sick motherf**kers who value money at the expense of innocent human blood.