So... You Don't Know Much About Computers.. but you need one for trading?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by gnome, Oct 26, 2008.

  1. Rather than just buying one online at some turnkey shop, why don't you offer one of the knowledgeable ETers a $100 fee... to explain things, go over your needs with you and help you make the buy at the right price.

    You'll get what you actually need and save $Hundreds (maybe even a couple of THOUSAND)...
  2. get to the point. Are you selling your services or looking for advice ?
  3. Neither
  4. Thank you for your judicious observation and contribution to make the world a better place.
  5. Don't bother. Nobody listens to me.
  6. ljmlmvlhk

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    I'd rather listen to gnome than oktiri.
  7. Shaqi


    hey - there is no need for these insults - if he prefers to listen to gnome or whoever it does not make him a loser - its his right, prerogative - the thread title is very good don't go trashing like spoilt like school girls competing for the football captain's attention- Some of us are computer geeks and do learn from these threads, if you have nothing positive to contribute stay away please.

    and if he or we lose money its his or ours, we spend it as we wish and we know where and how to get some more, so losing bit has nothing to do with you.
  8. I've got six analog flat panels that work just fine with
    Matrox G450 cards. I wonder if there's a way I can keep
    my monitors if I were to upgrade to one of those
    TradingComputers 'Falcons' with DVI video?

    (Would a hearty "Thanks" suffice?)
  9. guauld


    gnome I am sorry, its over now, you had a good run

    but now I am here, younger better faster with all your systems and more at my disposal

    you had your time

    The market is Mine Now

    PS: sorry I can be such a bitch :D :D :D

    picturing gnome like an aging wiseguy who can't control his criminal empire anymore :D
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