So you are trading mometum stocks at a prop firm.

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by londonkid, May 7, 2012.

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    Anybody else day trading momentum stocks? I search for good candidates on my esignal scanner usually from the open, 1st hour breakout, midday breakout. I look to cut my losers short and run my winners. So far it is working out ok.

    The prop firm I joined does not offer any training or link up with other traders (I am trading remotely in London) so I was wondering if anybody else was doing a similar thing and wanted to hook up.


  2. A nice, basic strategy. Works well at times, gotta be really, really, selective in the long run. Are you Series 7?


  3. Translation......

    Fooled by randomness....i.e. luck
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    Hi Don

    Nope don't have series 7.

    I do ok as long as I cut my losers tight. still cant work out what is better to enter on pullbacks or breaks. hmmm

  5. I trade mo' mentum b/c it gives me mo' money.

    Beats other strategies.
  6. hey kid, why not both like a Blowpop lollipop?

    I enter on pullbacks AND breakouts.

    I used to only enter on pullbacks when I only had one ball. Now that I have two balls, I enter on pullbacks and breakouts.
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    Hey Steve

    so far I have been looking at the character of the trend. If there has been shallow pullbacks then I tend to trade on a pullback, if no pullbacks then go with the breakout. seems to work ok but always interested in sharing notes.

    not sure what you mean by blowpop and lollipop, must be some NYC lingo I dont understand :)

  8. Blowpops are lollilops that I used to consume as a kid in the US. Not sure if they sell them anymore. Last time I had one was back in 1990. Provide a quick source of sugar.

    The commercial for it went something like this:

    Mom: What will it be kids? Lollipop or bubble gum?

    Son and daughter: BOTH!!!!

    Mom (with a huge grin) then gives each of her kids a Blowpop.

    Blowpop: Lollipop with a bubble gum in the center.

    It's probably toxic like most US foods.

    Buying/selling on pullbacks seems safe but it's no safer than buying/selling on breakouts.

    Buying/selling on breakouts seems risky but it's no riskier than buying on pullbacks/selling.

    Learned this after 20,000 hours of screen time. Lol.

    I trade both ways but I prefer breakouts over pullbacks.
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    thanks for the insight Steve buddy.

    had some cracking trades today, HPQ was a peach.
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    My former boyfriend, Jacob, told me that trading pullbacks is best.

    My new French boyfriend, Jean-Pierre, prefers breakouts.

    I suppose it does not really matter as long as you cut those loosers short and go for a healthy reward to risk ratio,
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