So why Tesla didn't pick Poland for their European factory?

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    They needed to push the factory only like 100 km to the East, and they get cheap labor, proximity to a shipping port, and still having the German engineers nearby. Instead of that:

    "Tesla ignored a letter from IG Metall inviting a dialogue last year. And it went to great lengths to pacify disgruntled union members at Tesla Grohmann Automation, an engineering firm it acquired in 2016, without entering the industry's collective agreement. Instead, the carmaker fended off a strike by giving workers a deal that was comparable to the industry-wide wage (plus stock options).

    It could try to pull the same play at Gigafactory Berlin.

    The stakes are high for IG Metal
    But IG Metall likely wants to avoid that scenario at all costs, Stephen Silvia, a professor at American University whose research focuses on comparative labor relations, told Insider.

    Allowing a massive non-union plant to build cars in Germany would set the dangerous precedent that companies don't need to engage in collective bargaining, he said. It would also mean thousands of members would potentially go without the contractually enforced job security, wages, and benefits the rest of the industry enjoys. "
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  2. It could also mean that thousands of workers at that factory enjoy better benefits than industry average, just as with Amazon in the US. Poland? Lol, that was not a serious suggestion of yours, was it? Why not going all the way to France then?

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  5. What is NGO? Thanks DiceAreCast.
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    Poland gets them a factory in Germany on the cheap, Poland is the first place for Germany to invade, although might be Russia so Germany then Poland.
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    I'm an avowed Tesla bull, but I too questioned Musk's decision to plant his flag in the middle of German auto manufacturing when there were better alternatives, like Romania. For well over 20 years Romania has become the de facto volume auto manufacturing hub for European brands. Tesla’s upcoming 25k vehicle for Europe could have been made there for a fraction of the cost of making them in Germany.
    Tesla is an ego driven company. Right now, Musk wants to show the world's leading auto manufacturers that he can outshine them in their house. This lack of humility has been Musk's driving force, but there will soon come of time when the average consumer will have plenty of alternatives to choose from and Tesla's QC issues will become a liability if they aren't addressed today while the brand's fans fuel the demand.
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    I think you mean Slovakia. Romania is largely irrelevant with only Dacia (owned by Renault) producing vehicles used across Europe, sales numbers are also small.
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