So why did the market just pop up

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  1. Dont laugh, away from the TV & news sources.
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    Well, first and foremost earnings have broadly been pretty good and above exp and European financials rallied quite hard on the news that there is something that remotely resembles a solution.
  3. Surferboy had to cover his losses at some point.
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    Hmmmm because you're short? :confused:
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    too much volume, it's THE top.

    (of course, we could have mutiple of them).

    Rule #11: Don't ask why. Even if you do, don't believe there is answer.

  6. More buying than selling
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    cuz market is evil
  8. Go to Google Finance. Click on SP500 -- 1 month. You see, huge gaping hole at 1350. Why did the market just pop? Cuz that gaping hole needs to be filled, that's whhy!!!???
  9. did not it get filled on the way down?
  10. See img: [​IMG]
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