So who's still beating it with butterflies/condors?

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  1. P.S. Out of curiosity, where did I state I did not have a college degree? Thanks.

    Case in point. Keep it up, it gets better.
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    Just scanned some of your old posts, and I am not sure if you even have average-level IQ.

    You're quite intellectually beneath me.

    Stick to topics you can handle like weight loss threads in chit chat forums or whatever retarded stuff you're interested in. Thanks.
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  3. That's all you have to say?

    Go ahead let's talk about Hawking or something, Mr. Intellect.

    It's just funny to me that you are talking shit about Atticus, and anyone here who knows him sees how ignorant and wrong you are in your dumbassed assumptions. Your powers of deduction (if you want to even glorify them with that title) are comical. And laughably wrong, to boot.
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  4. Damir S?
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  5. Yet you cruise ET to find my previous posts to use against me and still somehow manage to make your arguments irrelevant.
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  6. You assume the majority are trading neutral flies as a rollover-strategy and praying it works. I am sure a lot of people on this board do that. I imagine you did it in the past and got burned.

    In my experience, there are two types of fly-traders. One is making a vol-bet and trades it neutral. Anticipating a drop or a short-mark in synthetic time or an extension if short the fly. Neither hedges as it's a position-trade and not a monthly rollover methodology. They choose a fly to isolate v&g through defined risk and perhaps the gamma flip if they're wrong on vol and have written it off as a lotto ticket.

    The second type trades direction and leans on vol. They will trade deltas in line with spot-equivalent and calc gains from strips and a touch of neutrality. The buy index flies when leaning bullish and sell flies or go long garbage bear calendars when bearish.

    It's moronic to state that you wouldn't trade the position "if you had a strong opinion of the (sic) directions of the markets". It's a simply delta calc. Most trade direction and speed. Sure, you may flip deltas, but you'll earn more [=D] if correct on direction and magnitude.

    No position should be treated as a system. Rolling a monthly fly to the neutral-strike, or any position, isn't trading at all.
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  7. lol, I wouldn't pay too much attention to forex-forex, he did the same thing in another thread! I couldn't work out whether he's just challenged or whether he's a troll!
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  8. $32 last. Holding to expiration.
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