So who's still beating it with butterflies/condors?

Discussion in 'Options' started by agev, Jan 8, 2008.

  1. agev


    Some of you illogically disgruntled folks don't have to listen to me if it pisses you off so much.

    Go ahead and remain stubborn.

    Find your favorite point, and short more gamma tomorrow. Go do it, kiddies.

    But wait - don't forget the training wheels, uhm, I mean wings. lol

    Hey, maybe expiration will be a miracle and the underlying will close exactly at the tip of the pyramid!
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  3. Cutten


    1 Wait for VIX > 30
    2 Place legs for wide-strike butterfly with a bullish bias (e.g. midpoint 100 points higher than the current S&P)
    3 Wait for agev to take the other side of your trade...
    4 Profit!
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  4. agev==vega (got it...)


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  5. agev


    Lots of information has been written in your face. Whether you want to digest it or dismiss it is up to you. Maybe your ego is preventing you from learning right now, or maybe some codes are just too intellectually puzzling for you to even understand anything at all.

    Thread was posted, and information has been shared.

    Some people here want answers, served on the silver platter, and they desperately ask questions, but they don't even have the capacity to decipher and interpret simple things when the explanations have already been lined out. They need everything explained to them in the most dumb-downed aptitudes. Or maybe they just need someone to pound it through their head if they're still forcing the square peg into the circular hole. I'm sorry if it's that hard for you.

    And no, you *don't* get it. Not even close.

    And some people obviously don't have much reading comprehension. Why do they even put any real money to trade in the market with such inadequate level of attentive skills?

    Indeed. We have a winner.

    Vega has been lovely to trade.

    Take advantage of the vol of vol.

    What's really fun right now?

    -Long gamma, short vega.
    -Long gamma, long vega.

    And in really sweet cases:

    -Long gamma, long theta, and S/L vega

    (where you can benefit from all three elements simultaneously.)

    A gamma workout with the markets often leads to a vega workout. They contribute to each other, and it's almost a perpetual thing. If you don't understand this, then you shouldn't be trading vega. And it's not similar to ordinary gamma/theta because these things do not have to work against each other.

    But some of you are probably still have no clue or are too slow to know how what all this means or when to even perceive the impact of change of dynamic market conditions.

    So in case you're still very slow to pick up on things, as measured by the observed intellectual incompetency of most respondents to this thread, we are having a market cycle shift, and in this awakened shift from a near dead-vol period to the volatile environments, shorting tons of gamma risk just to collect that unstable premo, even with your winged protections, is a sure way to make you only very little, break even, or lose a lot. You don't have to believe me. Continue doing what you're doing and you'll probably dig up this thread up later and wish you had been more inquisitive when you first read it.

    This thread probably could had been one of the better gems of this board if some of you clueless amateurs didn't piss it away. But that's all I wish to share right now. Doubt even a quarter of you would even understand any of it. Some of you are still dreaming that the markets are moving gently and hoping to capture juice from a running target.
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  6. MTE


    This thread is really fun!:D

    agev, your insights are mind-blowing, I shall follow your posts closely and learn how to make it in this market! Finally, someone has turned on the light at the end of the tunnel!:D
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  7. :D Yeah Agev, thanks alot.
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  8. Well get to the point then. Your posts are long-winded and no one as requested any info from you about your trades.
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  9. agev


    Do you miss everything when you trade in the markets as well?

    Your responses to me aren't even insulting even though I know you're trying to be offensive. I just find them incredibly entertaining because I keep on showing things right in your face, and you keep on asking, "WHERE IS IT???" I'm just amused by how one can be so lost.

    Look harder. It's right in your face.

    You have a propensity to just miss everything. You've already demonstrated it twice. But please do attempt with greater effort next time because this would be your third try.

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  10. agev.....that quote from bellamy isn't a request for trading info from you, it's just an observation of what your posts are lacking.
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