So who's right: Whitney or Bove?

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    Meredith Whitney, Oppenheimer:
    - "The average bank, which was worth $100 last year and is now trading at $65, is really worth just $32.50."
    - "There’s a ‘hooray’ from the stands, but investors don’t realize the bench has been weakened,” she said. “There’s no end in sight in terms of bad news.”
    - “The market has been consistently wrong each time they tried to find a bottom.”

    Richard Bove, Punk/Ziegel
    - Bove Recommends Buying Financials `Very Aggressively'
    - "I'm convinced that all the signs that you would want to see that would tell you that this thing is over are there. And this is over."

    I have a good idea which of the two I'd rather have dinner with, but I am not so sure who will end up being right with their calls. Whitney called the Citigroup fiasco perfectly, Bove timed the top in brokers in July 2007 (see}&siteid=aolpfaolpf1). Clearly both are used to making bold calls, I wonder who will end up looking like a fool here.
  2. "...I have a good idea which of the two I'd rather have dinner with..."
    LOL. can I join ?
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    when a bubble bursts it usually takes more than nine months to correct
  4. Hope he think's YOU are cute, too.
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    shoot for the stars you get chorus girls.
    shoot for chorus girls you end up with nothing.