so who was super_ego?

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  1. oh but the oz is not even in same league as super dego:)
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  2. that's right friends. July 6, 2002 was the date when he first appeared and ET was never the same again. Its amazing how one guy could have that much influence and clout on a public forum. I still remember that hot summer night, when the Man appeared out of the blue on Elitetrader. Then for the next few days his name echoed back and forth among ET members, on the forum and in PMs, publicly and privately, in strophe and anti-strophe: super_ego!, super_ego!, super_ego!
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    never heard of him.
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  4. The amazing thing is that there are only a few unique people posting in this thread. Someone must sure enjoy talking to himself! And I've got all of him on ignore. :D :D
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  5. from someone like you who likes to quote "star wars" as trading principles I am flattered if i am one of those on your ignore :p
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  6. I'll be doing a daily morning update on this thread, to further recall and remember the Man, super_ego.

    Here's a couple posts where you can start to get a feel for the guy's mind and his way of thinking.


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    Without posting complex answers. How do you spot a trend?

    Please don't make this complex. I will tell you how I spot a trend. With simple moving averages. That is it. Simple. To the point. Done.




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    Re: Re: Feeling successful!

    I am glad to see that you are up and running and using these boards to get a good laugh. Here is a good laugh for you, you make no money! Isn't that funny. I read on these very boards that, "the average trader makes less money than a McDonald's employee." Whoever said that was right.

    So that would explain the jokes that reference the fast food atmosphere. Cause when your money is gone (taxes, girlfriend/wife, bad trades, etc.).....IT IS GONE. I have been there and I know. If you don't know how to come back from that situation, you become really screwed.

    Welcome my japanese friend, nkhoi.


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  7. friends, I have to laugh. Just now I was looking at the ET home page and on the left side it says: 'latest chat log. How to use moving averages.' Then its got some guy in a chat session teaching MA's.

    super_ego was doing this 13 months ago for free! read his 'I'm Home MaMa' thread and you can see for yourself. the man was way ahead of his time!

    At any rate, you should see a theme devolping here and that is super_ego's dislike for 'gurus' who teach this stuff for a fee. More on that later. Much more....
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  8. You sound like a homo......have you ever been given a reach around from Mr. Ego????? You seem to be a classic closet homo who is most likely typing with one hand and rubbing with the other....come out my is ok...its can be openly here if you need to talk to me...
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  9. Super_Ego = FruityPebbles = FasterPussyCat.

    You're fooling exactly no one, bub.
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  10. bwahaha

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