so who was super_ego?

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  1. and will super_ego ever humble himself to join us again?

    friends those are rhetorical questions, so I don't expect an answer. I'm starting this thread to recall and remember one of the best posters ever on ET. From time to time, I'll be posting some rememberances of the Man, super_ego.

    NOTE: and this is important, there's a yokel going around now on ET with the handle super-ego. Folks, that is not the main man super_ego. This imposter does not even come close to the real deal in intelligence or writing style or humor or balls. I've always wondered about these punks that take someone else's name or handle and use it for themselves. I believe these chumps have the lowest esteem and self- confidence imaginable.

    here is super_ego's inaugural post. Notice the wit, the humor, the balls to the wall attitude. Heck, notice the imaginative title.


    I'm Home MaMa

    In my newfound quest for popularity, and the lack of success of so-so many traders-traders, I, SuperEgo, in the coming weeks and months, will be educating YOU, the trader, on the NEW and changing market.

    Consider yourself extremely lucky, as in the next few months you and I are going to take a journey into the profitable extremities of the Nasdaq/NYSE stock markets.

    I will be teaching you how to trade. Plain and simple. I will be giving away some of the SECRETS that very few pros use. In doing so, I will hope to relinquish the duties of those that I have learned from (who wasted my time and probably your's, too). I do not wish to slander anyone, but this list includes the likings of Oliver Valez, Allen Farley, David Nassar, Jae Yu, Greg Capra, William O'neal (and his worthless newspaper: Investor's Business Daily), William's protege Tony (I don't want to mention my last name) Oz, and a little guy by the name of Harvey "soesmeister" Houtkin. The list includes Active Trader Magazine, and Stocks and Commodities Magazine. IN MY OPINION, the latter are a WASTE OF TIME.

    I have learned NOTHING from these so called "gurus" and neither will you. So, in order to get started here I ask you to THROW AWAY any memories you have of the aforementioned and REV UP YOUR PLATFORMS, cause you, my friend, are going to LEARN HOW TO TRADE!


  2. yeah, super_ego ruled. it's a shame he was moderated off ET.

    i know who SE is, but i will leave it up to him to reveal who he is. he's still here on ET.

    "super-ego" is definitely not the real super_ego.

  3. why did he have to go? does anyone remember?
  4. jem


    I think I know who super ego is and I think it is still the same guy. If you notice even fpc and commisso (I once saw him lose his zen like cool) have trouble staying in the persona of the alter ego at all times. There is definite schizodrift (I know it is multi personality drift but I think schizodrift sounds better).

    I think there is a strong chance the now se is the same se but perhaps if requested the new se could bring out the old se in time for a good trading conditions september.
  5. dunno jem read new super seems nothlike old super
  6. jem


    well then we must vote is the new se the old se?
  7. I've grown!
  8. Ah yu the REAL DEAL?? prove it! say something egotesticle:D
  9. Brother Pussy,

    I've already taken over ET once, rattled the little minds of the power's that be!! (that awsome dude: Babak). They don't DARE allow a poll testing my dominace!
    You ever see OZ around here anymore!!! Banished!
  10. jem


    I am laughing out loud really not that lol.
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