so who thinks we are heading down

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  1. so what do the real technical guys think about this being a top because i am not a technical guy. i am not saying we might not move up alittle but i think we break down around here soon. the up days are pretty much low volume lately. it seems like we are waiting for some bad news to sell off for the last few days. i also like that cnbc said market is looking good to have a big up day with alittle good news(opposite trade). we have the fed coming up this month. we have talk about saudi royal family losing some control in country. we have iraq being turned over to an american puppet government. we have started a war that quite honestly can never be won and will cost us alot of money. we got a fool in the white house. we have the guy who is running against him not pick a running mate because he rather let bush beat himself. we have oil at all time highs. also the housing market which never showed weakness now is going to feel interest rate changes. i have heard that bear markets have false bull market breakouts that can last 18 months. we have earnings improvement but really not much job hiring. i am not the type to say the sky is falling but isn't there more bad issues then good right now.
  2. The only people who care about which way the market is moving are those who can't or won't short.
  3. Sometime in the next 200 million years a huge asteroid will strike the earth and destroy 90% of all life. Sometime in the next 3 billion years our sun will go supernova, killing 100% of the life that is left. Actuaries state with conviction that 90 years from now you will not be posting on ET, or anywhere else. Is that bad enough news for you?
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    see attached chart.
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    Actually, the sun is too small to ever supernova, would be pretty sweet though
  6. So the sun becomes a brown dwarf and all of BrokerBoy's atavistic descendents freeze their tushes off whimpering in the dark. The market is a game, a distraction, a frivolity, compared to really bad news like no oil to make the plastic diet coke bottles fat boy sucks on.
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    So who thinks we are heading down?

    I don't.
  8. Sounds like yet another thread from James Stock.

    As if the "bad" news isn't already out.

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    The Sun will eventually become a red giant and fry us all (or those who stick around) before becoming a white dwarf. This won't happen for another 5 bil. years so the explosion of the Yellowstone dome, the large astroid impact, the next ice age and the loss or reverse of the Earth's magnetic field all will happen long before you need to worry about the Sun.

  10. I don't care if the sun becomes the Jolly Green Giant, BrokerBaby still needs an attitude adjustment. Posting silliness like that. Like, it's T&A that count, not his F&A crapola. I mean, get real.
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