So who has the healthiest economy?

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  1. I wish it was the US, cuz that's where I live, but alas that hasn't been true for some time now.

    Pick a country and give a reason.
  2. canada because they vast natural resources that can be exported for cash
  3. Abu Dhabi... oil.
  4. There are a few candidates... Norway is probably one of the best, For one, it's the country with the safest sovereign debt in the world (according to CMA Datavision).
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    Canada, natural resources............................................. the US should invade and take them JK:p
  6. USA, simply because we will use whatever means to stop others from becoming the one
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    Nice try, the U.S is in debt to China who has a far more superior military force and is one of the only producing nations in the world that so far has a stable economy and they seem to be far more on top of the game than anyone else.

    fyi, just because you have good technology doesn't automatically mean you win, Vietnam proved that against America so don't even bother trying to throw your nationalist bs at me by pretending every country is all powerful and unstoppable.
  8. lol
  9. USA has the best economy

    we can print as much as money we want and it does not create inflation and the whole world keeps buying our paper money and the debt happily. No questions asked.

    Because we have the best economy that the world has ever seen.

    Our economy is so strong that even a global recession originating from us, effects other parts of the world, investors all over the world invests in US denominated assets although eveyone knows that the crisis started in the US and we have the largest debt and money printing machine in the world.

    Because we have the best economy in the world.

    You don't believe me?

    Wait for another 20 years and the inflation will never and ever rise and by that time we will be printing 20 times our current money circulation. No questions asked and everyone is happy

    Because we have the best economy in the world.
  10. Whoever can keep the con and enforce the Con has the best con omy.
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