so who all are using TOR?

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    Are you guys using TOR? What is the main reason why you are using TOR or a similar service (maybe a proxy server)?
  2. Why would you need anonomity in trading? Speed is horrible .. not to mention that your exit node can (and sometimes will) log your traffic.
  3. Some of the VPN services such as HMA
    should be superior.

    I spent a lot of time evaluating and HMA is best - most popular and reasonably priced.

    You can use a VPN terminating in the city your broker is in, and I find that sometimes this gives a faster and more reliable connection.

    It really shouldn't improve the routing in theory, but the routing just works out better that way sometimes.

    For instance, on a few rare occasions, IB has had problems when accessed from Comcast

    This would be away around that.

    Also it allows you to connect to foreign sites and brokers and see the version of their web sites that non-U.S. clients would see.

    I mainly use it for a completely different reason, namely to be able to appear as a French or Canadian ip, in order to be able to view TV show videos that they restrict to their domestic ip addresses (I like studying foreign languages such as French).

    But it has proved to have other usefulness as well. Just to be clear, although a lot of people are using HMA for anonymity to hide perhaps questionable purposes, I am not using them for that reason at all.

    Another example would be if you are trading over wifi at a public wifi spot, then using VPN is a good idea for more security.

    VPN is much better than a mere proxy server.