So, which city gets the first dirty bomb?

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    The bad guys have everything for a dirty bomb, that is, a conventional bomb that scatters nuclear materiel. They blow it in the middle of, say, London and a 5-10 mile radius is contaminated for 120 years or so (your half-lives may vary).

    Since 9/11 these people have realized that they can hit the USA and survive untouched.

    This is the price for not convincing the last bad guys of their mortality.


    Pu-238 - 87.74 years
    Pu-239 - 24065 years
    Pu-240 - 6537 years
    Pu-241 - 14.4 years
    Pu-242 - 3.76E5 years
    Pu-243 - 4.956 hours
    Pu-244 - 8.26E7 years


    U-232 - 72 years
    U-233 - 1.59E5 years
    U-234 - 2.445E5 years
    U-235 - 7.03E8 years
    U-236 - 2.34E7 years
    U-237 - 6.75 days
    U-238 - 4.47E9 years
    U-240 - 14.1 hours
  2. Any significantly populated area anywhere will do. The terrorist aim is win via jedi mind tricks. If they detonate a bomb in Palm Springs, Florida it will still change the world we know for the worst, and permanently so, no matter where we are.
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    Oh you are going to seriously piss AMT off. :D
  4. How come you managed to write this post.

    Yet still you are not engaging in fact based discussion.

    Is it because you are a morally deteriorated person ?? :cool:
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    I know a jackass when I encounter one.
  6. I am still waiting for you to engage in fact based discussion.

    You can only do name calling.
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    Your "facts" are so dubious that there is no basis for discussion.

    You are just peddling horseshit. I interact with those more capable.
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    So, we see that you are a deranged truther. Are you a birther, too?

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    No guesses?

    Ok I'll go first. I say they blow up a dirty bomb in Times Square. We'll let half-life be the tie-breaker so I'll stick with 120 years total evacuation of the Theater District and downwind areas.

    I could also imagine that our current President would do exactly nothing about it except, of course, apologizing profusely for the United States existing and promising to eliminate it to avoid further annoying any muslims.
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