So where is Jack's yacht?

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  1. 3 times the daily range without ever suffering a loss and he claims to be piling the cars on.. shouldn't he own a small country by now?

    As opposed to the reality of living in his partners house and surviving on her wage
  2. Google Consort or US122 or King's Cruiser or Gothemburg, Sweden.

    Also see Yatching Magazine back issues. Look for photos there.
  3. Boat Name Boat Owner
    Address Ship Builder Build
    Year Vessel Type Gross Tons Hailing
    Port Length

    CONSORT MICHAEL O CRANSON * CAPE DORY YACHTS INC 1988 Recreational 17 * 29.8999 ft
    CONSORT SAILWISE CRUISING CLINICS, INC * WESTSAIL CORPROATION 1974 Passenger (Uninspected) 34 * 42.8999 ft
    CONSORT EXPRESS MARINE INC * JAKOBSON SHIPYARD, INC 1984 Towing Vessel 198 * 86.5 ft
    CONSORT THOMAS C. FLEETWOOD, JR. * CAPE DORY YACHTS, INC. 1985 Recreational 17 * 33 ft
    CONSORT MCLEAN CONTRACTING CO * UNKNOWN n/a Freight Barge 297 * 110 ft
    CONSORT JAMES W WILLS * PRESIDENT MARINE LTD 1988 Recreational 23 * 36.5 ft
    CONSORT RICHARD B KAISER * MOBILE MARINE SPECIALISTS 1995 Recreational 10 * 25.8999 ft
    CONSORT GEORGE K SHAVERS * WESTSAIL CORPORATION 1978 Recreational 6 * 28.8000 ft
    CONSORT ROBERT L ANDERSON * H S ROBERTS CO 1978 Commercial Fishing Vessel 15 * 30.8000 ft
    CONSORTE FABIAN RODRIGUEZ RODRIGUEZ * n/a n/a Recreational 8 * 26 ft
    CONSORTIUM HARRY E KILKENNY * SEA RAY BOATS, INC. 1976 Recreational 13 * 29.5 ft
    CONSORTIUM WALTER C JOYNES III * SEA RAY BOATS INC 1990 Recreational 13 * 32.8999 ft
    KING'S CONSORT II WILLIAM R WITT * SEA RAY BOATS, INC. 1977 Unclassified 13 * 29.5 ft
    MY CONSORT ROY DAVID GRIZZLE * n/a n/a Recreational 13 * 38 ft
    (* Owner's Address and Hailing Port are available with data download)
  4. Nope not a single reference for you under any of those names.. and it seems you cant even provide a link yourself

    Reminds me of SCT claims of profits :p
  5. But fantasy yachts aside Jack.. 3 times the daily range without ever a loss should put you in Bill Gates type money..

    Where is the photo of you on a 20 million dollar yacht?.. hell can you post a pic of you on any kind of boat that might be yours and costs more than a warm meal?

    Asking us to google for your boat just makes you look foolish.. worse.. a liar
  6. It was thirty years ago, Dolly. Before he moved to where you can't yacht, except in your bathtub. Trust me, Jack never lies. He does exaggerate a teensie tad. He calls a book what you and I would at best call a monograph or pamphlet. And he is wont to claim he is running a charitable event when he is jist heppin' out. But he doesn't lie outright the best I can tell. He clearly was a person of some import back in the day. Today? Well, if I were important I certainly wouldn't waste my time sparring at length with shitheads on ET. For example, the longest my typical post takes to write, including attachments, is about two minutes. Jack spends upwards of an hour daily on long rambling posts. I can tell you, when I get to be his age (coming not too long from now), I'm not going to waste my time on long posts on ET. Especially responding to SFIs.
  7. thrunner


    This one? Looks like a bargain at $2,500
  8. Well I'll settle for a Lamborghini or a Jetstream.. anything that tells me someone is making a buck other than his girlfriend
  9. Well the best liars do start with a truth then embellish it beyond recognition
  10. That would definitely be an improvement over the 81' Escort you're driving now.:)
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