so where do all the nyc futures traders trade?

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  1. do they all trade from home (if so that is kinda sad)? or are there futures prop firms in nyc? by prop, i mean retail prop not true (salaried) prop.

    there have been some threads created on this topic with mostly misleading, bs, or uninformative answers.

    does anyone know if vtrader has an office in nyc. on their website - they list only a san fransico office, and don't mention anything about trading from an office.
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    I'm sure Maverick74 can answer that, last time I checked the answer was only in Chicago, not NYC.
  4. Yeah, I trade at home fulltime now. Not really sure of existing futs firms in the NYC area.

    I talked to a friend of mine over dinner last night and he told me "Dimension" (where I traded at for like 6 months before switching to futures, in Union Sq area) is rolling out a futures trading platform very shortly. I dont know anything really more than that but this at least gives fut traders a place to go if they are tired of just trading from home.

  5. steve - dimension is one scary really trust those guys? that place reeks of shadiness........they should've filmed boiler room there....
    i agree with you though nyc area retail futures traders need a place to trade.
  6. any NY traders trade from White Plains, Briarcliff or Hawthorne, Thornwood??????????
  7. Well, I traded there from Aug 2006-Jan2007 and I got my check every month without fail so I have nothing bad to say about them in that respect. There were some software issues for a few weeks but that was the extent of my complaints.

    I enjoy some aspects of trading from home but I do miss the comraderie of being on a trading floor with a bunch of friends. Of course that was in stocks, futs are more intense and require much more attention by me so maybe that wouldnt work too well for me now to have people around :)

  8. i was at dimension too for a few months............hated it from day 1.........blackwood is like the worst trading platform out issues nearly every single day.........the whole atmosphere stunk of shade with the lights turned off and shit......anyway i find it hard to believe that the financial capital of the world doesn't have a futures prop/retail shop.
  9. All you need to do is hit the Google button and you can find prop shops in nyc.

    Here's one:

    Avatar Trading

    I personally don't think it's sad at all to trades futs from home, actually it's perferable to trading in one of the shops any day of the week. It's easy to create a highly customized setup and use tools which give you a very nice edge in the futs game ... and not be the least bit worried about somebody ripping you off.

    If you live in NYC, you know that's the name of the game here.

    Good trading,

    Jimmy Jam
  10. avatar........come on the word futures isn't even mentioned on the entire i supposed to guess that they offer futures trading.......if someone is trading futures at avatar, please give us an evaluation, thanks.
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