So where can I find the stick with Corswines head on it?

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  1. <- is the 'brokerage' that whose owner supposedly posted that; If you check it out, this brokerage seems to be more of a personal/religious/blog than an actual business.

    Such is the quality of zerohedge, I guess.
  2. yeah, well, so be it. sometimes the fanatics are the front line in putting out the truth.

    you reasonable folk are the ones bent over and spread wide.
  3. I really doubt the raving ows fanatics shouting in the face of the police are putting out any truth. Same goes for the extreme end of the other side.

    This lady is a raving lunatic.

  4. The short bus?
  5. only? how are you to defend against criminal activity? or detect it?

    am I among imbeciles here on et

    a rhetorical ? if there ever was one.
  6. The lady might have injected some hyperbole into her missive, but the key points are completely spot on. Segregated funds going missing for three weeks is a huge story. The idea that some CTA's, CPO's, etc might get cold feet from this episode is not at all unreasonable. Even if the managers themselves manage to keep going, how many clients do you think are going to look at this episode and say "no thanks".
  7. dont waste time explaining the obvious to the et 'tardates. They are beyond help
  8. This only affects relatively small operators. Larger hedge funds have segregated accounts (not at the broker, but at custodial bank).

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