So where are the "buy the dips"?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by tubytrader, Jan 26, 2007.

  1. We rallied off our lows where are you guys????

    risk free money 100% upside
  2. They must be back working at Denny's...
  3. They were all buying yesterday morning so I'm guessing they are at the soup kitchen by now

    But don't worry, at the first sign of the slightest rebound they'll be back telling us they bought at some fictitious price and screaming hysterically... 100% up room no risk
  4. lmao
  6. Here they come, their testicles shrivelled to the size of raisins on the way down but are slowly inflating as the price rises
  7. hahahaha You're good entertainment.
  8. Thats what the ladies tell me
  9. FREE MONEY no risk
  10. Hey, mokwit.

    How is your er long from a few days ago?
    entertaing or painfull....chuckle, chuckle...quick, back to the cuttlery drawer the Boss is coming ..
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