So when will this market actually get busy

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Mecro, Sep 23, 2003.

  1. Mecro


    I waited all summer for September and it's turning out to be my worst month yet. Boring too.

    I thought it was supposed to get real busy. It sure didn't

  2. Same last year Mec', hang on.

    Of course, in the last six months, the SP500 is up 25%, the Dow is up 30%, and the Nasdaq is up 50%.
  3. Tea


    When volatility/range is lower you can increase your size.

    This can be an advantage for a Prop trader who has access to greater leverage.
  4. burnin


    your 1 smart MF, hang in still beats working for some asswipe
  5. Mecro



    During august I cut my size and have been doing well.

    I upped my size the first week of Sept and started taking hits. I've been cutting it again and been doing better but not good overall. I'm dissapointed in this month

    So I dunno, I'm just waiting for some action. Begginning of this year, scalping 10 cents was like expected at the least. Now you're hoping for that to happen.

    Could be cause all these new traders starting at WorldCo constantly messing up trades, but the volume has not picked up enough to accomodate.
  6. Mecro, I'm assuming you trade stocks. There are still pretty good stocks out there that have a very good range. I've been focusing only on futures for the past few weeks, but will get back into stocks next week a bit. In equities, September has been better than August, but I know what you's not as good as I expected either.

  7. funky


    i'm trading SPY, but the ES is similar....i see 40-80 cents every morning it seems off of 1 or 2 trades. afternoons are iffy but i'd say the 'average' afternoon is 30-40 cents. the average over the past 2 weeks has been about 50 cents a day. i don't know about you but 50 cents/share per day aint bad on 3-4 trades.

    i mean it would be nice to have bigger and better moves but it works!

  8. silk


    I don't know why but all volatility is gone. What happened, i don't know. It was fine for 18 months, then just went away. How do you trade a stock that is in 30 cent range all day. How do you trade an s&p contract that is in a 2 handle range all day?
  9. Mecro


    Yup NYSE scalping

    Today is even more fun. God forbid a short moves 10 cents. Im expecting like 5 cent moves no matter the size. A 20+ cent move is just lucky, had one of those today. Of course the stock could have moved double that but that's not allowed in this market.

    Of course everyone sees some of these stocks move left and right. But if you check the prints, there rarely day traders in them. I see ranges of 50 cents to a dollar within 20 min all the time. But everyone gets shaken out no matter what. I guess some are experienced and good enough to catch those, but I'm sure since I do not have 5+ years of experience under my belt.

    Nway, I gotta start rethinking this trading style. Unless this market really picks up, it is nearly impossible to make money with these 5 cent moves.
  10. Why do you only trade NYSE? I scalp Naz stocks and get at least a quarter on every trade.

    #10     Sep 24, 2003