So when the stock market goes to all time highs just before the election....

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  1. Are Obama lovers going to chant." lookie what Obama has achieved, another golden period in American history...Obama...Obama....Ohhhhhh baahhh Maa"
  2. Lucrum


    Obama loon: "Our dearly beloved Barry gets credit for all things good and Bush gets credit for all things bad." Repeat Ad nauseam.
  3. it is ironic or maybe karma that if the republicans had not taken us to the fiscal cliff because they are acting like children who will kick and scream until they get their way bernanke might not have made this latest move that is indirectly helping obama.
  4. Bush and the Republicans almost ruined this country. Obama saved it.
  5. The dow was at 14 when bush was in office, no biggie if we get there again.
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    I can't decide who if the bigger fool/idiot. You or spike trader. One important observation though, you're both flaming liberal Obama loons.
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    You mean Barack Bernanke?
  8. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    Yes. See us soon when there's 5% inflation.
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    Yesterday between my visit to the pharmacy, the grocery store and the gas station then coming home and paying my utility bills online I'm rather sure we are already pushing 5%... at least.

    Inflation with frozen wages is the reality in this neck of the woods.
  10. ( I believe) otherwise known as stagflation.
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