So when is the voting scheduled?

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  1. they keep changing it so I lost track of it. is it tonite?
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    The last report I read on CNN simply said "this evening". Wonder what's going on? it's been modified, gather the senators and put it to a vote.
  3. I thought it was the HOUSE that rejected the Bill. anyway. squawk reported HOUSE won't vote again at least until friday. many conflicting sources here. i'm damn confused now. where's the truth here???
  4. According to CSPAN the Senate vote is tenatively scheduled for around 9:00 PM EST tonight. I guess the house can't vote on the bill until Friday at the earliest per house rules... I guess the wait continues.

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    The House rejected it Monday, but the Senate hasn't voted yet. The Senate votes tonight. The House scheduled a re-vote for Thursday, but I guess that has now been pushed back to Friday.
  6. The House vote won't take place until Friday.

    The arm-twisting is out of control.

    They may bring in the Heavies pretty soon for the hold-outs.
  7. Will the house vote on the senate version of the bill? How will get the final version?
  8. Fox Business Network is saying that the vote is going to take place at 7:30 PM EST (who really knows, lol).
  9. browsing the Threads on the main page Ive seen 3 different times so far.

    730PM 800PM and now 900PM.

    which one is it?or have they not decided yet?
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    Both houses have to vote and pass the same version of a bill before it goes to the President for signature/veto.
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