So when does the media stop living in the past

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  1. I mean, lets move on people! haha. Are we going to continue talking about bush 10 years from now???? :p

    Voters blame Bush more than Obama for the economy

    Voters are increasingly displeased with President Obama's handling of the economy, but a new poll finds most Americans still think George W. Bush is responsible for the nation's dismal financial state.
  2. the cost of the wars will be up to 4 trillion dollars. all of it was borrowed. bush made a lasting impression.
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    Another biased poll, no doubt. When will they finally admit that it's Barney Frank's fault! :D
  4. Yeah, maybe you should get Rasmussin to "fair and balance" it out for you.
  5. Gee, ya think?
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    Little George Bush shit on America...Barack Obama flushed the toilet.
  7. The thing about the article.. its just so pathetic. It's like the guy that constantly complains about his ex girlfriend, how bad she treated him, how she was such a bitch, and how she totally wronged him.. only problem is they broke up 4 years ago! :p
  8. they may have broken up 4 years ago but he is still making payments on that credit card bill that she ran up going to bars.
  9. that may be true but he went out with the bitch and now he needs to get the hell over it because nobody wants to hear it! :D
  10. Unless, "Georgette" gave him a bad case of economic herpes that lingers and keeps on giving, in which case the anger is not limited to the past. Following the breadcrumbs?
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