So what municipalities are in danger of failing due to falling home prices

Discussion in 'Economics' started by The Kin, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. There is so much scum on the municipal level. Dare I say the waste, inefficiencies, and anti-business climate rival even the federal government!! I can't wait till they all get fucked in the ass due to falling property tax assessments.

    Some taxation bodies I'd like to see get there ass kicked include:

    detriot, MI (detriot has lost the right to be capitalized like any other normal noun.)
    Chicago, IL (great town but the taxes are too high!)
    Just about every city & town in jersey
    Philadelphia, PA
    and whatever shithole county or municipal government that has been raping their citizens for years by leeching off excessive property appreciation.

    I understand schools are a big part of the property tax bill. The real pity is most school districts are complete and utter failures. No where do they fail more than the students and parents they serve. Should it come as any surprise? That's what happens when you have a near perfect monopoly run by a bunch of morons. The issue of school funding is a whole other story, but I'll share my thoughts on it anyway: