So what is your all time favorite strategy

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    Options are one of powerful investment tools. It's unique asymetric and timing-related characteristics offering unique award/advantages (sure coming with risk/disadvantage as well) that other investment vechicles cannot offer. I know there are many profitable option strategists out there. I know a number of such friends personally. Comparing to these strategiest, I am like Santino vs. Michale Corleone. So please educate me and offer me some edges. Thank you very much.


  2. Has Elite Trader been down today? I've had trouble connecting, and now I connected and the last message displayed is 5 hours old. Or is just my computer?
  3. it's not just you
  4. My favorite strategy???

    Turtle Trading...
    Simple as it can be but hard to master...
  5. why don't you offer ET members some of your 'strategies' and/ or your view of options and a favorable way to trade them whether or not you have much experience... rather than just asking others to teach you for free....? That seems to be a common practice on ET for some. They ask a lot but don't really offer their own ideas, plans or methodologies etc.; and imho everyone has something to offer others whether they are a veteran of many years, or several months... or they should not be trading in these markets!
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    The most favorite experience I'd like to tell you (of course for free) is the PDT rules. Trust me, the rules were not intended to protect investors but to protect brokers and to rip investors as much as possible. Trust me, it sucks. If you have further questions please let me know.

    Any other questions?

    Any other questions?

    Any other questions?

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  7. spreads with way out of the money index options. this has been my most consistent strategy. no losers since june 2002, although several close calls :eek:


    ps. try great platform and education from the BEST.
  8. My strategy... or what I used to do...

    I take 20 of the stocks that correlates most out of the NASDAQ 100.

    I traded basket of stocks only using COMPX. Problem with that was for 2 months, I had to manually put all the orders in for each... so it was a tedious routine....

    *click click click click* *cli click* - one stock done...
    *click click click click* *cli click* - two stock done...
    ... so on and so on...
    *click click click click* *cli click* - twenty stock done...

    I got tired of it so I created an semi-automatic software for myself the puts orders in with push of a button...

    I did this on the 5 min. bar chart...

    I was good at COMPX... now an NQ...

    Buying power??? I was at an institution... I had all the buying power I wanted... as long as I don't lose 5% of the equity...
  9. Right now...beating on stocks that miss estimates and/or guide lower. Other than that I can't say.
  10. bull or bear spreads :)

    PS - isnt this Nic Taleb's strategy?
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