So what is the easiest market to trade?

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  1. I keep hearing over and over again how hard the S&P's are to trade and I have to agree. So what is the easiest and best market to trade in for a newbie?

    Please don't say the grocery market.


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  2. Transact Futures

    Transact Futures Transact Futures

    There doesn't seem to be an easy market to trade. You need to find what you are most comfortable with. Learn the market to make yourseklf a better trader in the marketplace.
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    It is very individual. The easiest market for me could be the hardest market for you. You need to find it out for your self. There is no short cut to success in trading. Sorry.
  4. your question is absurd... like there is ONE market that is EASY. The fact that you use the term "easy" in reference to trading... is not a good precursor for the longer-term IMHO. Think that it is "hard"...... then work hard... then be humble if you do well... and count your blessings! :p

    ...and don't spend a lot of time worrying about EASY! Most great things in life do NOT come that "easy". Dues are paid. Always! :p

    But for some reason new guys think the markets are there for their taking... just get a few books, read some b.s. and go get it!

    Wonder if Tiger Woods spent any time preparing for success by seeking out tougher challenges... or if he looked for the "easiest" courses to play!

  5. The most easy:

    Eurodollar (look at the chart).

    The best:

    Forex (on a demo).
  6. ice,

    that's a very good point. newbies always expect profits to come easily. and some many people just look at a chart of a crazy stock like TASR and said I could have made so and so $$.

    Let me tell you this all newbies. Trading seems easy, but it's probably will be the HARDEST thing you'll ever try to accomplish. Period. But once you mastered it, it's probably the greatest feeling you'll ever get...

    BUt it's a never ending goal. You might be successful for a while then the market changes. It always does. So, hardwork is continuous. It has to be. For every worthy goal in life, you gotta work for it. Stop thinking of shortcuts and easy way out. Just do it!

    Do the hardwork and reap the rewards.
  7. ...reasonably well defined S/R intraday, nice volume spikes.
  8. well said bro...

  9. T-REX


    ES IS easy to trade......"SWING TRADE" that is.:D
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    Easiest, short-term or long term, something with an edge .. all similar questions. No harm in the newbie or the so far unsuccessful searching.

    The answers. Easiest is index futures (ie DOW). Play short term. There is no edge .. know your market.

    So do your research: the starting point. Study the back data prices/pattern of the market you choose.
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