So what is Microsoft doing with shareholder value?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by KINGOFSHORTS, Jan 22, 2009.

  1. It seems like Microsoft makes plenty of money being the big monopoly but somehow shareholders get the shaft.

    -59% over 10 years. I wonder what kinds of tricks they do with freecashflow, maybe printing equity and then using FCF to take shareholder money and stick it into the pockets of the insiders?

    CSCO is known for this also.
  2. You are aware the S&P is down almost that much in the same time period, no? I won't mention how much NASDAQ is down.
  3. No it is not. Microsoft is down much more, and before the S&P was down, MSFT was still in the negative return rate while S&P was returning in the two digit positive rate.

    Ask yourself what is microsoft doing with its earnings? That will answer the question why MSFT is doing poorly.

    Tech stocks in general are terrible investments. How is VMW doing.

    -61% and still overpriced.
  4. You're picking a convenient date to make a point. 2 bubbles have popped in 10 years. Instead of using the highs of Jan '99 as you're starting point, why not use the lows of Feb '99?

    Why not move forward a little, just 1 year, to Feb '00. NDX has dropped 74%, MSFT has dropped 63%.
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