So what is everyone buying next week

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    Reading articles and watching bloomberg/cnbc and noticed there is not one bearish tone left in this market place, soft landings and a Goldilocks economy seem to be the perfect outcome for this economy. So I ask what is everyone buying next week???
  2. as long as you buy major index you cant lose $$$$$

    stocks are too risky.....

    ZERO RISK in indexes..... NONE$$$
  3. dude ... one can make money selling too !!!

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    To buy something one needs to sell something and there are no reasons to sell.
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    no prob, than it looks like sector ETFS are the way to go:


    Earnings from INTC, AAPL, and IBM are a few companies reporting next week. Most anticipate all of these companies will do well.
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    not true, I heard there is tons and tons and tons of cash still on the sidelines to be put to work in this market. So I don't think anyone needs to sell. Also, they do have a thing called margin which I'm sure many are starting to use as the markets touch new highs daily.
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    I am not talking about others :) I don't have tons of cash on sidelines :D

    To your list I would add IWM, XLE
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    ahh yess forgot about IWM, trying to push above 80 and XLE is good if energy decides to push higher like it did Friday.
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    and I'm looking at PNRA and TZOO

    Next week will close lower then last week. More calls on the table then puts at this point.

    Another telling sign is that the market has been up 5 days in a row. This has occurred 3 times in the last year and each time has been followed by a brief decline. The golden rule is a market or equity that experiences 5 days up will be followed by a short decline, 5 days down will be followed by appreciation.

    I say the market will have a lower close next Friday then last.
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