So what happens today 11-7-03???

Discussion in 'Economics' started by dbTrader, Nov 7, 2003.

  1. Is there anymore up here that the economic reports can bring us here as I sit watching the ES at 1062.25 an hour before the release time? Are we getting a little carried away on the hype or is this the real deal?

    Do we buy or do we wait and see if this pulls back?

  2. T-REX


    i think you know the answer to that question.
  3. T-Rex,
    Where do I find more info on 2BC system ?
  4. Well, some of the hype has be taken out 15 min to news ...
    we are now 1060.50 -

    clearing some room to go up on good news or a rush to take the profits on the news?

  5. Trade your system. If you do not have a system, turn off your platform and go develop one.
  6. T-REX