So what happens to Bill Miller?

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by lwlee, Sep 7, 2008.

  1. lwlee


    Suicide watch?

    At the very least, he gets fired. 12 years of work, undone by 80 million shares of FNM/FRE. Even pros can't stop from martingaling down.
  2. A long break...... and then start trading w/ Bright. :cool:
  3. A tought break, no doubt, but he'll be back again!
  4. House of cards. You have 80,000,000 shares. You know people asked that awful question.....

    "what do you do if something goes wrong?"

    Obviously the answer was, 'freeze like a deer in headlights.'
  5. jasonjm


    well this all depends on what % of his portfolio this trade was?
  6. He lost near $500,000,000 I don't think % matters.
  7. He'll show up on ET while in his jammy's and slippers and studiously devote himself to learning the Jack Hersey method for the big come back.
  8. The owners of Miller's LMVTX fund have been the big losers.

    Miller is not a loser, he's still drawing a nice salary from the management fee. Probably won't get fired, just a bonus reduction.
  9. jasonjm


    i was thinking, if he hadn't bought any shares, imagine how many he could have bought tomorrow at open with that 500mil
  10. Government will probably sell it to you for that price if you have the money for the debts. If I had that money I would not risk it in the markets. I would just pretend I jumped off a bridge and live in a mobile home until the coast is clear.
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