So what happened to you when you had 10 wins in a row, What ????

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by mushimushi, Mar 26, 2009.

  1. you got screwed plain and simple and will blow up thinking you GOT IT

    EVEN IF............EVEN IF you had a strategy where you gain 2 bucks for every dollar lost

    10 wins or 10 loses in a row MEANS JACK SQUAT

    this is why 99.9% of you don't stand a chance, none of you understand probability

    and by god trading is all about probability :eek:
  2. bump so more people can get a tiny glimpse of what they need to succeed
  3. Mish mash mushy mush. :cool:
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    Mr J

    You actually make sense here, but I expect this is just an anomaly.
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  6. You can settle for just probability, I go for near certainty. I go that extra mile.

    That's why you'll never reach my level.