So what does Wednesday bring.....

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    Anyone think we start off the 1st day of trading in 2007 on a positive note???

    Only news that I found that was sort of positive was WMT sales.

    WMT said SSS would be up 1.6%, They had estimated for sales to be up around 1%, now if I had to guess I would say WMT under promised (ON PURPOSE) and over delivered by accident. They knew keeping sales in the 2-4% range would be impossible to achieve so they knocked it down to the 1% range. Doing that makes 1.6% look like its going to get only better for WMT......

    Thats the best thing to do when your stock price is hurting.
  2. Seems to me retail sales reports are a scam, anyway. Are they adjusted for inflation?
  3. dunno about weds, but Jan from last year:

    Washington, DC, February 27, 2006 - The combined assets of the nation's mutual funds increased by $287.5 billion, or 3.2 percent, to $9.193 trillion in January, according to the Investment Company Institute's official survey of the mutual fund industry. This marks the first time that mutual fund assets crossed the $9 trillion level. In the survey, mutual fund companies report actual assets, sales, and redemptions to ICI.

    Lets talk about how the markets are much different this year than last.
  4. thats an interesting concept... but to be accurate you'd have to adjust per segment:

    - food up
    - flat screens down

    of course, the dow, S&P, or any other adjusted for inflation isn't nearly as impressive either.

    adjusted for inflation the dow is probably at 8000 relative to 99's peak.
  5. The only bullish sign I see is the equity put/call ratio.

    In every sense we are now back in April 2006. The TNX was at 4.7 then just as it is now. The Nasdaq was just starting to turn and the S&P had not yet followed.

    There was a high amount of bullishness then just like now. Everyone was margined out. Tension in the oil market just like right now and, notably, oil is at the same price as it was in April.

    Everyone was wondering if Bernanke was going to go too far just as they are wondering now.

    I will be honest. My buddies took a vacation down to Cancun at the start of May as I traded away thinking that the trend would continue. Ohhhh, big mistake. I ended up back at the ole trading desk riding a wall of worry and stacked with losses.

    Everything seemed to turn out fine in the end, but let me tell you this. Your only going to get one chance to blindside me. Thats it. Next time, I will see the punch coming.

    So I say to Mr. Market, bring it on.
  6. forgot this cool picture, dont forget the lessons learned hard in the past. . .
  7. What does Wednesday bring? Why, opportunity, of course.
  8. i would think that Wed brings the real possibility of more volatility as funds set their holdings to start a new calendar year and a new financial quarter.
  9. I never seen such an argument on whether there are more bulls or more bears...It seems like everywhere I go, I read that there are too many bulls and too many bears...Isn't there some authoritative sentiment indicator? My current thesis is that there ARE bears, but they don't count because they have been waiting for the new year to sell. If they turn bearish but have not acted on it, does it count as a bear?